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Shared Web Hosting with a 30-Day Free Trial

We offer you shared web hosting, domain name options and completely free marketing and web content solutions for both individuals and businesses. Through our user-friendly Shared web hosting Hosting Control Panel you have full control over your sites. You can choose between several carefully set-up packages featuring multiple versions of PHP (PHP 4/5/7) and the latest stable releases of MySQL and PostgreSQL. Our shared web hosting service is perfect for your needs.

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Instant Account Activation There is no need to wait - your shared web hosting account is set up immediately after you purchase the service so you can start working on your website.
yes yes yes yes
Uptime Guarantee|Tired of your site timing out, there is no need to worry because here at our shared web hosting we guarantee 99.9% network uptime.|99.9%
Daily Data Backup In order to ensure the information you upload on our servers is safe and secure, we back it up every day (as long as the account data is less than 5 GB). In case there is a problem, we can restore the content from the day before.
yes yes yes yes
30-Day Free Trial|Sign up for our 30-day free trial to see what makes our shared web hosting services special. No credit card required.|yes
Monthly price
$2.75/mo $3.75/mo $8.33/mo $12.00/mo
Disc Space The amount of disk space indicates how much data you can upload on our servers once you purchase a shared shared web hosting account with us.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Name Registration / Transfer|Domain name registration is the service that allows you to have a unique address for your website on the Internet. Every domain name that is registered with us is automatically to point to your account with us so no further configuration is required.Domain name transfer is the process of changing the company that provides the domain registration service without a change in ownership.|=domain_price
Free Account Set-up Not only your account is set up instantly but we also do not charge you any setup fees - you can simply start working on your websites.
yes yes yes yes
800+ Website Themes| 800+ free templates are available by default with all shared web hosting plans and you do not need coding skills or previous experience to build a site. All templates are free of charge.|yes
Online Website Builder With all of our shared web hosting packages you will get a free online website builder that does not require any design skills or experience since it includes multiple templates and makes website creation a breeze.
yes yes yes yes
50+ Free Apps Installer|The Elefante Application Installer is included with all our shared erb hosting packages and it gives you access to install over 40 applications - you can have a blog, a forum or a shopping cart set up within minutes with just a few clicks and no technical skills.|yes
Free VPN Access (5 GB) Access blocked websites or use country-restricted services by routing your Internet traffic through a secure connection using multiple access points around the world.
yes yes yes yes
Our custom cloud hosting platform will allow you to use a shared IP address for SSL certificates, so you can protect the information that customers submit on your website without spending extra money for an IP. yes
Online Documentation|After carefully studying the questions and difficulties our clients experience with the shared web hosting control panel and our services, we have compiled an extensive help section with lots of FAQs and tutorials that will help you along the way.|yes
In-house Built Control Panel The Hepsia control panel is an in-house product that is a result of hard work aimed at providing advanced functionality combined with easy-to-use and intuitive design.
View Demo View Demo View Demo View Demo
Colour Skins|And to make working with our shared web hosting control panel even more pleasant you can choose the colour theme that suits you best.|yes
Hosted Domains You can host with us any top level domain name and this feature shows you how many domain names you can host with each of the shared web hosting packages.
1 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom A and MX Records|The A record of the domain name specifies the IP address where the domain name resolves to while the MX records of the domain name specify the mail servers that handle the e-mail of the domain name.|yes
CNAME Records The CNAME record of the domain name redirects the domain to another domain`s A record and therefore creating a CNAME record removes the A record of the domain.
yes yes yes yes
AAAA/SRV/NS/TXT Records|The advanced features of the shared web hosting control panel allow you to set up IPv6 related records such as the AAAA record which is used for mapping hostnames to IPv6 addresses. The SRV record (also known as Service record) is used for defining the location of servers for specified services - the hostname and the port number. The NS (Name Server) records of the domain name specify which server handles all the DNS records for this domain name. The SPF e-mail authentication system derives information from the TXT records of the domain name.|yes
We provide you complete access to manage the WHOIS record of the domain name as much as the registry allows you. There are specific restrictions for some of the TLDs and you should refer to the Domains page. yes
ID Protection|We offer an additional service for all TLDs that support this feature to protect your personal data becoming public in the WHOIS record. That is the best way of protection against spammers and possible identity theft.|Optional
Email Accounts The mailboxes you create with us support POP3, IMAP and SMTP protocols that allow you to use mail client applications such as Outlook and Thunderbird to access and manage your e-mail.
100 500 Unlimited Unlimited
Custom MX Records|The ability to change the MX records of the domain name or simply add more MX records with different priority allows you to control who is handling your mail service.|yes
Advanced File Manager The shared web hosting control panel is equipped with an advanced file manager that will allow you to easily create, delete, move and rename files and folders. It has many other useful features like the ability to work with drag&drop operations.
yes yes yes yes
URL Redirection Tool|This is another advanced feature of the shared web hosting control panel that allows you to easily redirect your URLs using permanent or temporary redirection.|yes
Dedicated IP Address A dedicated IP address means that you will be the only one in the world using this exact IP address. For example, if you intend to have an online store with a private SSL certificate you will need a dedicated IP address to install it.
Optional Optional Optional Optional
Node.js|Node.js is a software platform for building highly scalable network apps, built on Chrome`s JavaScript runtime.|=nodejs
Webalizer Web/FTP Stats Webalizer is an advanced web statistics application that provides you extensive reports of the current and previous months with graphics for each month and detailed daily statistics including referral URLs
yes yes yes yes
Error Log Viewer|When activated the error log keeps a record of every warning or error that occured on your website so that you can examine them and rectify the issues related to the website.|yes
Traffic Stats This feature allows you to monitor the total of incoming and outgoing data transfer for each hostname in your account separately.
yes yes yes yes
Load Stats|This tool provides you with detailed information about the CPU usage generated by your account over different periods of time - yearly, monthly, daily or even for 6 hour intervals.|yes
Stable Linux with Apache Linux is the leading server operating system known to be a stable environment with high security and great productivity and that is why it is used by the 10 fastests supercomputers in the world. Apache is the most popular web server that runs more websites than all other webservers combined.
yes yes yes yes
Help UPS & Diesel Backup Generator|We have powerful UPS devices in place and a diesel generator in case of prolonged outages to ensure the uptime of the network.|yes
24/7 Customer Support We are here for our customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week - no holidays, no excuses!Different channels of communication are available to suit you best depending on the issue or query that you have.
yes yes yes yes
Integrated Ticketing System|Whenever you experience technicial difficulties, our professional technicians are at your disposal so all you have to do is simply open a ticket from within your web hosting control panel and you will get a reply within the hour with an average response time of 15-20 minutes.|yes
Monthly price Please note that shared web hosting packages are paid annually and this monthly price is calculated for comparison purposes only.
$2.75/mo $3.75/mo $8.33/mo $12.00/mo
Total annual price |Since shared web hosting packages are paid on annual basis this is the actual fee that you have to pay in order to purchase the package you wish to use.|=prices_12